I’m Sarah Craig.

I’ve been told I’m an innovative, hardworking wayfarer who is going to succeed even if it kills me. Disclaimer: my mom told me this. Not that this makes it any less true.

Originally from Berkeley, I moved to Eugene, Oregon to pursue a degree in Public Relations from the University of Oregon. My interest in PR was originally sparked by my mom, who owns a public affairs business. I had watched my mom working for years and I could see how much she loved what she did. I began to explore the world of PR more, I found aspects of it that seemed to call out to me, just like public affairs called out to her. I currently intern at the Lane Regional Air Protection Agency, doing media relations and event planning. I often feel lucky that I found a career I’m passionate about.

Since moving to the Pacific Northwest three years ago, I have (almost) fully assimilated to Oregon culture; I mean, I wear Birkenstocks now. The only remnant of my California-upbringing that remains is my ability to shave 15 minutes off of a drive with crafty (and arguably aggressive) maneuvers.